Bitch, Hør her!



In very poor times for music and culture in general…

September 2018, a bullying quote from an Ex on the beach Norway chick, made probably on GarageBand with an off beat vocal, is almost making top 10 on Spotify Norway. Yeah, exactly!

The end is NEAR!

ANYWAY I couldn’t help myself sharing this amazing choir from Belgium after hearing Dream on from Depeche Mode and Creep from Radiohead in 2 different fashion shows this season.

I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Really!

After a couple of clicks I finally found it!

This “girls only” choir from Aarschot called “Scala and Kolacny brothers”  sing mostly specially arranged renditions of songs from bands like Oasis, Depeche Mode, Nirvana and Björk to U2 and Radiohead  and they have also their own compositions, It`s just so beautiful and mellow I still got goose bumps!

I’m so obsessed that I’m checking when I can see their performing live close to Oslo 🙂





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