Wool princess!

This weekend was all about being warm and cosy with lots of goodies and Netflix!

Isabelle get to see her fims on my mac and me and Kenneth are sharing the tv! So hooked! I´m addicted to “the new girl” and he loves ” suits” hahahahha how funny!

A lot of people are asking me about wool sets for kids and good quality wool clothes, I have been buying all sort of brands to Isabelle in this past 5 years and seriously the cheapest ones doesn´t really work, some are itchy, or get misshapen after wash, og lots of holes (even washing with mylo) or lots of clumps or have a bad stich etc etc…the list of problems is LOOONG.

The only one that really worth the money about quality and looks it`s the ones from Hust and Claire the wool blanding with cotton is so soft and nice Isabelle is living on this!  So guys don´t waste money around like I did!  Sharing is caring!

Have a great week snups!




thatianacampelo.com thatianacampelo.com

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