Rose Gold weekend inspo

Fashion, interior and art are all fuzzy about rose gold items! No wonder! It looks so fabulous!

Dreaming about this Dorn Bracht Shower!!! O lá lá!

Rainning saturday means loooooong breakfast, lazy sofaflix, playtime with Isabelle and maybe some shopping and food with my bibitches!

Have a great weekend snups!



0d5620740855bdc5a2822d85a9573d6b 6328d45557715c6892e409b6e4936e00 7cd94034754de39d00f39dcef7947223 dornbracht 9ec3da9a4bf39ba5036d9fdd901a428994b35d6485193a146eabe757621ba144 bc7139e00d48309f847e0f9a0315b425 4406eb834cec6528e2afa2239f48c854 dd7164f977c3762375a63e2516cd6228 a8925ca9a218837fa7a61d1dc20eb35e rose_gold_monroe_mirrored_furniture_from_indigo4

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