In the beginning of time, long before the earth was made there was nothing, between light and darkness, between fire and ice, was Ginnungagap, the great gulf without bottom. When fire and ice met, the ice began to melt and drip. The drips formed the shape of an enormous giant, it’s name was YME.  A larger giant has never ever lived. Odin, Vilje and Ve killed YME, and a flood of blood washed over their enemies and drowned them all. YME’s body was put over the Ginnungagap firmament.
This is the creation of the universe as we know it. YME’s body and flesh created the earth.YME’s blood became the sea and ocean.
YME’s bones and teeth became the cliffs, mountains and rocks.YME’s hair became the trees, plants and forests.YME’s brain was thrown high up in the air and created the clouds.YME’s skull was set as a firmament and created the sky.Sparks from the skull created the sun, moon and stars. Four dwarfs were chosen to guard the four corners of this world.
These dwarfs were named North, South, East and West.

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