Ibiza review !

So I´m back to Oslo but my mind still in Ibiza for sure !

Specially cause this weekend our dear Friend Lars is throwing his cadenza b- day bash, bringing  JOSE MARIA RAMON to drop some Ibiza global radio vibes and get us back to the Island ! Can´t way ! Oslo is going bananas already !

Still trying to figure it out how a radio could be so awesome ! Damm !

Back to the review , here it go !

Carl cox still the king of the jungle !

Space still the one that takes the breath of everybody away !  The co2  jet system,  the Kryoman performance , the laser show, the vibe and the crowd !

It´s just incredible !  A large indoors amusement park for grown ups !

I haven´t been at ENTER ( Richie Hawtin Concept party ) but I think  Carl Cox happy heavy grooves just  fits better in space then the minimal tech from Richie… The whole atmosphere it´s more like a circus then a Berlin techno club… My opnion though…

By the way, after space we went to meet Finn ( Finnebassen) at sankeys, this new club at playa d´en bossa that  I didn´t expect anything, only heard that Finn was one of the residents and it was a couple of meters from Space so we gave it a shoot and we all  loved  it !

The bassment it´s pretty much like D -EDGE  in São Paulo, back in the days, with the sort of same  80´s lights in the roof and a massive and  clear soundsystem !  POW !  Brilliant ! The roof toop is quite nice  and the crowd was just like my kind of crowd !

We got there just on time to get ADRIATIQUE´s  set at it was so awesome ! The whole crew was so thankfull to get this other side of Ibiza !  All about music ! Not so much special effects ! Different !

I didn´t have a chance to go to BOOM even if Yosef set us the longest guest list on the planet !  We didn´t make it   😦  But  I heard that is pretty good too ! The whole summer line up looks great !

We went to 15th anniversary of CIRCO LOCO  at DC10 and that was PACKED !  DC10 isn´t that underground club that everybody heard about it  anymore, it is so packed that is just impossible to dance and half of the crowd have to hang in the terrace ( even if you really wanna dance ) but its just impossible … We gave it another shoot at paradise ( Jamie Jones party ) and it was even more packed !  Massive bass lines in the dance floor really good vibe but waaaaaay to crowded, I guess they need to expand the club for at least 3 times the size  or limit the number of guests…

The best package ( dinner and dancing ) still PACHA  ! The restaurant rocks ! Amazing food,  great selection of mediterraneam food and sushi, not expensive and if you have dinner and each person consumed around 120 euros you got the entrance to the club for free. Pretty smart !

Solomun +1 was a great party ! The sound of pacha isn´t amazing but Pacha still Pacha ! Hot since 1967 !  Solomun set was good but it could be amazing….but it wasn´t….

There is so many parties and so many good dj´s every single night, we really struggled to decide where to go !  But if you are thinking about going to Ibiza remember to reserve  a day to go to Formentera and to enjoy a nice dinner at Sa punta on the left end side of talamanca beach.

IF you feeling like spending  some money in  real bubbles, checking  out some models and see and be seen, the places to be are : Blue marlin, the new Nikki beach ibiza and the expensive but really charming restaurant in Formentera, juan y Andrea. We had dinner at the super hype bambuddah grove, the food was great but make sure that you got there LATE !  Like dinner around 23:00…We were there around 20:00 and it was a weird fusion of kids, family and a erotic named menu.

The best of this trip was  actually the sailing day  from the north of the Island  ( Benirras beach ) down to Ibiza town and up to Formentera…Everything was perfect ! Even our crazy crew stunts !

The west coast of Ibiza is just spectacular even more fun then a night in a club ! I Promise !

And remember to take a  look around,  meet new friends !  Older or youngers !   We got a chance to met some people that have been in Ibiza for ages and they´re  a life proof that youth isn´t about age  or numbers, or botox but it´s a state of curiosity, a big constant smile in their faces and the joy of life !  As Oscar wilde said  “I am not young enough to know everything.”

See u soon Ibiza !

Te amo !








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