17 mai !

Yes yes !

Champagne and lobster for breakfast at 8:30 !!!

More champagne , kids parade on tv , lorry´s burger, more champagne a walk in the castle park, wave to the royalty, white wine,

go around anf find a big helium baloon to the princess, róse wine , backyard party with all friends, kids and dogs, strawberry sparkling wine, hot dogs and mashmallows…Proseco

Back to the the parents in law  house, little more wine, cake and BED!

17 th of mai it´s a alcohol marathon !

Besides my  Bunad weights around 8 kgs and I must say the highlight of the day was to undress it !



IMG_0655 IMG_0687 IMG_0676 IMG_0669 IMG_0646 IMG_0689 IMG_0651 IMG_0694 IMG_0696 IMG_0632

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